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Finger Lakes Race Replays


Relive the excitement of the most riveting horse races around.  With Finger Lakes' race replays, you can get all the thrill of a day at the racetrack anywhere, anytime.  Indulge your inner race junkie with exhilaration that never ends!

Use the calendar to view hundreds of past Finger Lakes races!  Here's how:

1. Click on the 'Replays' tab in the player.
2. Select the month and year from the drop down boxes.
3. Click on the day you want to see.
4. Select the race number at the bottom.
5. To return to the replay list, click on the 'Replays' tab at the top.


If you were hoping to take in today's races but couldn't make it to the track, don't despair!  We also have live race streaming so you can watch that important race as it unfolds in real time. Click the 'Live' tab in the player to see races as they occur!  *Please note that live video streaming is not available on some devices.

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  • Live entertainment every Friday and Saturday night at Remedy ! | click HERE to see our Jackpot Winners!
  • When Members win a jackpot, they are invited to our Jackpot Winners Celebration with even more chances to win! | It Pays to Win at Finger Lakes!
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